The bible says that when the world began there was darkness everywhere. I thought it was so wonderful how it says that God came and created a special light. I don’t understand exactly how it all happened but I just think it is so incredible that God was in charge and it was good.

So, I think about it when I close my eyes and imagine that I can’t see anything and wonder what it was like when there was no light, trees, people, plants, water, buildings, or anything we see today. It continues to amaze me how LIGHT was created first and we can see how it works in penetrating the darkness today.

The art of coloring is a great calming activity that helps kids with patience and focus. Children of all ages enjoy the fun of coloring even as many adults now see the benefits of coloring in relaxation with relief from stress and anxiety. Another great benefit coloring brings to kids and adults is the expression of creativity. Often in the world of technology today the art of coloring can be a lost art and coloring can foster the imagination of young and old alike to inspire everyone to learn and think of new creative ideas whether they stay inside the lines or not.

I love coloring and this coloring page has been created for your enjoyment and relaxation as you ponder or have your child ponder the wonderful works of the first day when the world began. I hope you will enjoy this activity and share it with your friends. To learn more about how it all began check out Genesis 1:1-5 for the rest of the story.

****To download the FREE coloring picture****
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