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Embrace Compassion and Kindness
How to Create the World You Want to Live in by Being Nice
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In a world where people seem more divided than ever, what can one person do to really make a difference? Is it really still possible to make the world a better place? YES!

Discover the importance of kindness and compassion, along with some fun and easy ideas to get you started on sharing kind acts every day.

Reaching out to others in a positive way is especially important when putting goodness out into the world can make a difference.


Welcome to “Meeting God Today,” a new devotional book that will guide you on a path a deeper
and more fulfilling relationship with God.

In this book, you will find a collection of inspiring and thought provoking devotions that
will help you reflect on your faith, strengthen your spiritual practices, and draw you closer to the God.

Devotions are a powerful tool for nurturing our spiritual lives.

Book 1 of Cultivating Confidence from the Lord: in Life, through Trials, as Entrepreneurs

Book 1 of Cultivating Confidence from the Lord: in Life, through Trials, as Entrepreneurs is written by members of the National Association of Christian Women Entrepreneurs (

NACWE is a connected community of like-minded, women entrepreneurs, founded to facilitate a space for networking, education, and support for business owners who love Jesus and are seeking to grow in alignment with their faith, all with a missional focus-who desire to serve the Lord in life and work. They chose Proverbs 3:26 as their key verse for the year 2022: For the Lord will be your confidence and will keep your foot from being caught (NASB). And the blessings that have poured from these words are too numerous to count. Let’s continue to seek confidence from the Lord together.

Authors in this anthology: Karen Lindwall-Bourg, Lee Desmond, Heather Rosson, Danika Deva, Yerinita Curtis-Fuller, Niki Banning, Kim Smith, Ellen Boyer, Dr. Lana Wynn Scroggins

Searching for Kindness: Scripture Guided Word Search Book

Imagine the sweet surprise of a random act of kindness— a caring word, a selfless act, or a small gift that brightens someone’s day.

Introducing the Searching for Kindness, Scripture Guided Word Search Book— the perfect way to immerse yourself in words of kindness and share them with those around you.

Throughout the 59 pages of these Scripture-filled word search puzzles and bonus tips, you’ll find these amazing benefits:

Better mood
Lower stress

Not only will your mind be engaged in Scripture-based activity, your heart will be encouraged to make an impact on the world around you—all with a simple act of kindness.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your copy of Searching for Kindness, Scripture Guided Word Search Book, and add a sweet surprise of kindness to your life today!

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