When you need Inspiration and Encouragement to
help you through your day!

Lana Wynn Scroggins, PhD

Empowering you with ways to share your love,
and inspire your friends with Giving Jesus!

When you focus on gratitude it brings you closer to having a blessed day.

There are all kinds of ways we can change our focus from having a negative
experience to having a positive experience.

It just takes a shift in our focus, as we change how we look at the
circumstances we can shift our focus to being thankful or to complain
because of the inconvenience that we are faced with.

Get this Devotional Journal and start your day with gratitude!

Your Devotional Journey is an opportunity to spend
time in devotional studies to be done at your own pace
so that you can grow in a closer relationship with God.

Your personal journey in developing a closer walk by
faith and experience more of God’s love and compassion.

We are going to have devotions and activities to help
make more time for devotion in our lives bringing
peace and calm to our busy lives.

I will be sharing devotional resources that will
help us in our journey and growth.

Let’s build a book that you can share
with your family and friends!

Do you have an idea for a book?
Does your child have an idea for a book?
I can help you build a custom book.

Whether you want to write a life story, a simple short story
or whatever your idea for a book is I can help you with your book.

I can help your child create a personalized activity book
where they are the start of the book and can be a co-author of the book too.

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