Sawyer Teaches Maggie About Courage Printables

Get the Companion Activity Puzzles that go with the book Sawyer Teaches Maggie About Courage. There are a fantastic collection of free printable puzzles that include a variety of fun activities to challenge and entertain. Here is a description of what you can get:

“Courage” everyone wants more courage! Especially kids need a lot of courage in their lives. With all of the bullies and mean kids in the schools now the kids need to know they can stand up for themselves and that God will be on their side.

This fun activity book includes:

• Bible stories about David and Goliath and Daniel in the Lion’s Den

• Coloring pages with airplanes, kites, and balloons

• Finish-the-pattern pages to help with counting and pattern identification

• Tracing pages that reveal awesome dinosaurs

• Dot-to-dot activities to finish the pictures

Download your printables of Sawyer Teaches Maggie About Courage and encourage your kids to find ways to see that God is with them in all situations. This is the perfect activity book to help your family remember how important it is to have Courage!

Whether you’re looking for a solo activity or educational entertainment the companion book printable puzzles cover a range of skill levels and are completely free to download. Get ready to have fun!