Handmade – Homemade Unique Crafts for Great Gifts

Handmade crafts for many occasions.

These items make great gifts for inspiring friends and family about God’s love.


Share Jesus in a Unique and Special Way!
Giving Jesus for Christmas
Giving Jesus for Christmas kit contains a booklet with a series of wrapped gifts to be opened each day and placed on the banner beginning on December 16th (10 days before Christmas).
Experience Jesus for Christmas with your children in a new and special way this year and for many years to come. As your child opens each item you can read the letter from Jesus each day leading up to Christmas Day.
Mini – Inspirational Coloring Cards

Mini Coloring Cards are sets of 12 cards placed in a nice crystal-clear zip bag.

Each card provides a special blessing title, a scripture verse relating to the title and a nice picture to color.