Focus on Gratitude Devotional Journal

Some days it is easier to give thanks than on other days. There are times when everything appears to be going well, like your hair looks good, you receive a special gift from a friend that sends you a surprise, your coffee is made at the right temperature, you get a great parking spot and life is just going in all the right directions.

Then there are those days when things aren’t going so well. You go out and you turn on your car and the battery’s dead, you’re driving down the street and you get a flat tire, run out of gas, someone says something hurtful to you, or worse you get a bad report from the doctor.

When you focus on gratitude it brings you closer to having a blessed day. There are all kinds of ways we can change our focus from having a negative experience to having a positive experience.

It just takes a shift in our focus, as we change how we look at the circumstances we can shift our focus to being thankful or to complain because of the inconvenience that we are faced with.

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