Welcome to Your Devotional Journey!

Your Devotional Journey is an opportunity to spend
time in devotional studies to be done at your own pace
so that you can grow in a closer relationship with God.

Your personal journey in developing a closer walk by
faith and experience more of God’s love and compassion.

We are going to have devotions and activities to help
make more time for devotion in our lives bringing
peace and calm to our busy lives.

I will be sharing devotional resources that will
help us in our journey and growth.

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Hi Lana, I am enjoying the monthly focus. It’s been helping me get back into my relationship with the Lord. Have a Blessed Day… Alice B.

I love your hand-drawn illustrations and printing… Ellen B.

It is bringing me closer to God already and I truly enjoy the activities… Anna H.

Thank you for this group! I love the activities and focus on the Lord…. Julie L.

Join us in building time in your day for devotion and reflection as our actions
will help grow our faith while reminding us of what is most important.

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