Discover the Bible in a new way, and have Bible study success!

Are you needing a new, refreshing way to study the Bible? This is a quick guide “3 Keys to Bible Study Success” will help you refocus on the Bible, enjoy fun activities, and meditate on God’s Word. Here’s what you can expect in this helpful guide: How to begin with prayer, 3 Keys that are easy to implement, Relaxing coloring activities, Thought-provoking questions for meditation, Applicable Scriptures to read and take with you.

Grab a second book for free too! “Copyright for Authors: Navigating Scripture in Print” is a book centered on helping authors learn how to can navigate copyright laws when incorporating scripture in their printed works, ensuring compliance and avoiding legal issues.

3 Keys to Bible Study Success

Take Your Bible Study from Zero to Hero

Copyright for Authors:

Navigating Scripture in Print