What about perhaps the most well-known resurrection is Lazarus apart from the resurrection of Jesus.

When Lazarus became ill, his sisters sent Jesus a message.

Jesus did respond…though he seemed much slower than they would have liked.

Her words flowed from an aching heart. How many times have you whispered words similar to Martha’s?

  • If God had only acted, I would have had a family by now.
  • If Jesus had only intervened, I would be fully healed.
  • If God had only protected me, I’d still have a job right now.

It’s not wrong to ache in the space in between pain and resurrection.

It doesn’t mean your faith is small if you cry because everything in you is aching.

It’s OK to reveal the anguish of your soul to the One who formed you.

Listen as He is Risen!

Together, Giving Jesus,


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