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Giving Jesus for Christmas A Family Tradition

Giving Jesus for Christmas is a unique way to teach and share the birth of Jesus with others.
Experience Jesus for Christmas in a new and special way this year and for many years to come.

Giving Jesus for Christmas is a very simple and unique way to teach and tell others about the birth of Jesus. Jesus was born a long time ago in a small stable and He can be born again in our hearts each year as we share and experience His birth in a special way.

Giving Jesus for Christmas kit contains a booklet with a series of 10 wrapped gifts to be opened each day beginning on December 16th. (10 days before Christmas).

Each day 10 days before Christmas beginning on December 16 you and your children will read the book and follow along on each day which gift to open. Starting with Day 1 the Announcement and then completing on December 25 Christmas Day when Jesus is born.

As you open the gift and read the letter from Jesus open your heart and experience Christmas in a new and refreshing way this year. Giving Jesus for Christmas is the Experience of Christmas in a very special way!

Enjoy Giving Jesus for Christmas and you will have the best Christmas ever!

Mini – Inspirational Coloring Cards

A coloring activity can offer a way to express our feelings in a creative way that helps our hearts feel better. The Mini Coloring Cards make awesome gifts and also would be great for your Sunday School Class.

The Mini Coloring Cards are a set of 12 cards placed in a nice crystal-clear zip bag.

Each card provides a special blessing title, a scripture verse
relating to the title and a nice picture to color.

Inspirational Coloring Flipbooks – Unique Coloring Books


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