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Giving Jesus is a place to find inspiration, motivation, and encouraging products to help support you in the good times and the times when you need encouragement the most.

A coloring activity can offer a way to express our feelings in a creative way that helps our hearts feel better. The Mini Coloring Cards make awesome gifts and also would be great for your Sunday School Class.

Need a Gift to help make a Friend’s day Special – Give Jesus through a unique gift of Mini Coloring Cards to inspire their day!

Giving Jesus for Christmas A Family Tradition

Giving Jesus for Christmas is a unique way to teach and share the birth of Jesus with others.

Giving Jesus for Christmas kit contains a booklet with a series of wrapped gifts to be opened each day and placed on the banner beginning on December 16th. (10 days before Christmas).

Experience Jesus for Christmas
in a new and special way
this year and for many
years to come.

Mini Coloring Cards are a set of 12 cards placed in a nice crystal-clear zip bag.

Each card provides a special blessing title, a scripture verse
relating to the title and a nice picture to color.

Inspirational Coloring Flipbooks – Unique Coloring Books